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Recognition for the Troop 451 Scout Family....
2012 Mawat District Awards
The following individuals are current members of Troop 451 or good friends and former members.

Zachary MacIver Smith, Troop 451         Scout of the Year: 
Karen Hassett, Pack 469                            James Womack Award: 
Karen Hassett, Pack 469                            William D. Boyce New-Unit Organizer Award: 
Mark Sikora, Troop 424                            Scoutmaster of the Year: 
2010 Mawat District Awards

Jim Salamon, Troop 451 Scoutmaster, was named the 2010 Mawat district Scoutmaster of the Year !!

Brendan Turner, Troop 451 Committee Chairman, is receiving the District Award of Merit, the highest award that a District can bestow.  Brendan Turner also achieved the Wood Badge award.

Karen Hassett, Troop 451 Asst. Scoutmaster and head of the Troop 451 New Scout Program, is being awarded this year's Mawat District Scouter of the Year Award.  Karen Hassett also achieved the Wood Badge award.

Chip Reinhardt is being awarded this year's James L. Womack Memorial Service Award.

Scoutmaster named Tarheel of the Week
The Raleigh News and Observer named Troop 451 Scoutmaster Jim Salamon a Tar Heel of the Week, and there is a great picture and write-up about about him and Troop 451 in the May 13, 2009  Raleigh News and Observer.  Congratuations Jim !

Committed and enthusiastic adult leaders are essential to the ability of Troop 451 to function and to offer a complete Scouting program to the boys it serves. Adults, especially parents, are encouraged to get involved with the Troop in a number of different leadership and support roles.

Volunteer Positions | Training Opportunities

Joining the Troop

Adults can be members of BSA just like youth. To become a registered member, just fill out an application form and submit a check payable to Troop 451 for $12, which includes the amount charged by Occoneechee Council for a full year's registration. Dues are prorated if you are joining during the charter year. The charter year expires every April 30, and we collect annual dues at Registration night on the first Tuesday in March.

The Troop Committee

All parents, whether registered with BSA or not, are invited to become part of the Troop Committee, or to just show up for committee meetings. The committee meets at 7:30 p.m. on the first Tuesday of each month in the Calhoon Cabin at Westminster Presbyterian Church which is located at 3639 Old Chapel Hill Road in Durham, North Carolina. Directions.

The Troop Committee's job is to help set troop policy, and particularly to free up as much of the Scoutmaster's time as possible. Committee members are involved in the troop budget and finances, fund raising, the merit badge program, growth of the Troop, liaison with Cub Pack and Webelos dens, etc. As boys grow older and leave the troop, their parents go with them; we constantly need members and can use your help. This is a great way for parents of brand-new Scouts to get a handle on what is happening in the Troop.

Volunteer Positions

  • Assistant Scoutmaster - Assist the Scoutmaster in running meetings and events; conduct Scoutmaster Conferences with individual Scouts; help lead the Troop's New Scout program
  • Merit Badge Coordinator - One or more positions; recruit adults to teach merit badges in the Troop, and assist those adults by providing expertise and Troop resources; be responsible for signing up Scouts for classes at Courts of Honor and whenever merit badge classes are offered
  • Merit Badge Counselor - Merit badges can be earned by Scouts at summer camp or within the Troop 451 program with the aid of an adult counselor. Most of our merit badges are taught by an interested Scout parent in a group class format. Look over the merit badges in your son's handbook, and let one of the Merit Badge Coordinators know which subject you would be willing to teach. We particularly need counselors for required merit badges such as First Aid, Personal Fitness and the three Citizenship badges. You do NOT have to be an expert to be a counselor for a merit badge, only have interest in the subject and a willingness to share this interest with the boys.
  • Trip Coordinator - Trip coordinators help with the logistics for Troop outings - make reservations, collect fees, make sure there are enough drivers and seat belts for everyone going, etc.

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Adult Training Opportunities 

BSA and Troop 451 are very committed to having adult volunteers trained so that, like the Scouts, they can "Be Prepared" to fill their roles, and "Do Their Best" in those roles. A variety of training courses are offered both online and live by Scouting volunteers in Durham County and adjoining counties and councils. In addition to position-specific training, there are a number of very important training courses related to youth protection, hazardous weather and safety.  Provided that you complete the training course, the Troop will reimburse you for all training fees and costs (for live training - no cost for online training) - we just need you to take the time to take and complete the training.
Training is only available to adults who are officially registered as adult leaders with the troop.  This would be non-uniformed committee members as well as uniformed leaders.  If you are not registered, please consider become registered and then taking the training.  There are a lot of benefits to adult registration for a very low $13 per year cost.  Much of the training listed below is available online, where you can do it on your own time and from the comfort of your home computer.  To take the online training courses, you must have your BSA registration number (from your official registration card), create a My Scouting account and login.  Here is the gateway starting link for all online BSA training:   From here registered leaders can create the MyScouting Account, choose the training course they want to take, login and take the course.
Live training is usually scheduled on a Saturday, either half-day or full day. Occasionally, training will be a few hours on a weeknight.  For those who want to move beyond the basic level of training, advanced Wood Badge training occupies several weekends.  Training is also offered to adults during our summer camps.
Check the Durham Mawat District Training Page for updates and information on training courses.  Available training courses, both online and live, include:
  • Boy Scout Leader Fast Start Training (Online Only) - Fast Start is designed for the brand new adult leader.  It gives a brief overview of the Boy Scout program and how adult leaders are important to the success of a Boy Scout Troop. 
  • Youth Protection Training (Online Only)- All Scouting activities require the presence of at least two adults at all times, at least one of whom must have successfully completed Youth Protection Training.  This course is offered online only.  It covers such questions as how to recognize child abuse, how children can resist it, and how to report it within the BSA organization (the three R's).  Youth Protection Training MUST be renewed every two years.
  • Hazardous Weather Training - BSA now requires that at least one adult leader on a camping trip have taken the Hazardous Weather Training. This training is well done and pretty interesting, and would be valuable to any adult leader, not just those who camp with the troop. 
  • New Leader Essentials (Currently Live Training, but soon to be online) - Leaders learn about the objectives of the Scouting program and the methods used to achieve them. They also gain a basic understanding of youth development, as well as how Scouting is organized and financed, policies related to the program, and resources to help leaders succeed. The training is for all new adult leaders.
  • Boy Scout Basic Leader Training (Live Training) - This is a good training course for all adults in the troop, but is strongly encouraged for all uniformed troop leaders.  This training discusses the role of the adult leaders in a Boy-led Troop, the Outdoor Program, the Advancement Program, and Program planning. 
  • Introduction to Outdoor Leadership Skills (Live Training) - This is a hands-on training program to give adult leaders the practical skills they need to lead Scouts in the Outdoors like setting up a campsite, pitching a tent, hiking, and outdoor cooking. The course is a day and a half long and is required training for Scoutmasters and their Assistants.
  • Safe Swim Defense (Online, and also at Summer Camps) - Before a BSA group may engage in swimming activities of any kind, a minimum of one adult leader must complete Safe Swim Defense training, have a commitment card with them, and agree to use the eight defenses in the Safe Swim Defense plan. This and the other safety training courses are 30 minutes each and are often taught as a group.
  • Safety Afloat (Online, and also at Summer Camps) - Before a BSA group may engage in an activity on the water involving canoes, rafts, sailboats or other craft, adult leaders for such activity must complete Safety Afloat Training, have a commitment card with them, and be dedicated to full compliance with all nine points of Safety Afloat. 
  • Climb On Safely (Usually at Summer Camps only) - Before a BSA group may engage in climbing or bouldering activities, a minimum of one adult leader must complete Climb On Safely training.   

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