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The best way to contact Troop 451 is though an email list.  Effective 2015, the troop mail list has moved from Yahoo to Google.  The new addresses are listed below.

Use this list to post messages to the entire troop regarding event details, schedules, announcements, etc...

Use this list to post messages to the adult committee that manages the troop business affairs including questions about new scout membership and troop meeting visitation.

Mawatt District
The local scouting district maintains these online resources.

Purpose of the Web Site

Troop 451 serves the boys who are Boy Scouts in the Troop. This Web site serves those Scouts as well as the parents and leaders of the Troop. The Web site will not contain any material that is offensive or unsuited to be viewed or read by youth ages 11 to 17, nor will any of its links contain such material. As always with the Web, though, parents or responsible adults should supervise Web activity of youth, because unsuitable material can be easily found or accidentally uncovered.

Accuracy of the Web Site

While best efforts will be made to insure the accuracy of information on this site, there can be no guarantee that the site's contents will be correct, complete or up-to-date. Please contact a Troop 451 volunteer leader personally or by email to the committee to make sure that information is correct.

Privacy Policy

By virtue of its presence on the Web, this Web site is public. To insure the privacy of both youth and adults associated with Troop 451, the Web site will follow the following privacy guidelines:

  • Names of Scouts will be published only as recognition of achievement (advancement in rank, Merit Badges earned, Order of the Arrow awards, etc.).
  • Names of adult leaders and volunteers will be published only as recognition of achievement (completing training, earning Scouting awards) or of volunteer efforts on the Troop's behalf.
  • Only first names will be used, unless a last name initial is required to distinguish between two people with the same first name.
  • Addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses for adults will not be published without specific consent from the adults, and then only if deemed necessary for communication with the Troop.
  • Photos of youth or adults associated with the Troop may be published, but no names or other identifying information will be associated with those photos. Group identification (e.g., patrol names) will be permitted.