Adult Volunteers

Adult Volunteers

Scouting would not be possible without the many adult volunteers who keep Troop 451 running.

Registered Volunteer Positions

There are several different types of volunteer roles within the troop. These roles cover a wide range of volunteer styles and interests.

  • Assistant Scoutmasters – Teach skills to scouts in the troop, mentor youth leaders, go on camping trips. An Assistant Scoutmaster is a hands on position working directly with the scouts in the troop

  • Committee Members – The Troop Committee handles the operations of keeping the troop running. Roles here include helping organize the advancement program, coordinating troop activities, helping new scouts join the troop, taking care of troop equipment, or managing the finances of the troop.

  • Merit Badge Counselors – Merit badges can be earned by Scouts at summer camp or within the Troop 451 program with the aid of an adult counselor. Most of our merit badges are taught by an interested Scout parent in a group class format. Look over the merit badges in your son’s handbook, and let one of the Merit Badge Coordinators know which subject you would be willing to teach. We particularly need counselors for required merit badges such as First Aid, Personal Fitness and the three Citizenship badges. You do NOT have to be an expert to be a counselor for a merit badge, only have interest in the subject and a willingness to share this interest with the boys.

  • Nova Counselors – The Nova STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) Awards can be earned by Scouts at summer camp or within the Troop 451 program with the aid of an adult counselor. Currently there is one Nova Award for each STEM field. Each Nova Award also requires the Scout to earn a specific merit badge from an approved list. Nova Counselors should be familiar with STEM but do not need to be a STEM professional. We need Nova Counselors willing to teach and/or help with all four Nova Awards. For more information, please contact the Troop STEM Coordinator.

  • Supernova Mentors – The Supernova STEM Awards can be earned by Scouts after they earn at least 3 Nova Awards. There are 2 levels of Supernova Awards that can be earned. Typically, a Scout will work independently under the guidance of a mentor who should be a STEM professional. Troop 451 needs people willing to be Supernova Mentors in all STEM fields. For more information, please contact the Troop STEM Coordinator.

Getting Started

If you are interested in becoming an adult volunteer, please send let us know. Please send us a quick email here.

There are three steps to becoming a registered troop volunteer:

  1. Take Youth Protection Training – This course covers the procedures the BSA follows to ensure the safety of the Scouts we work with. The class is available online at:

  2. Fill out an Adult Application – Adult volunteers join the Boy Scouts of America just like the scouts. The troop has paper copies of the application. You can also find the form online at

  3. Pay the BSA dues – Assistant Scoutmasters & Committee Members pay annual due to the Boy Scouts of America just like the Scouts.

Adult Training Opportunities

Troop 451 is very committed to having adult volunteers trained so that, like the Scouts, they can “Be Prepared” to fill their roles, and “Do Their Best” in those roles. A variety of training courses are offered both online and live by Scouting volunteers in Durham County and adjoining counties and councils.

There are several different types of training available:

  • Youth Protection Training – All Scouting activities require the presence of at least two registered adult leaders at all times, both of whom must have successfully completed Youth Protection Training. This course is offered online. It covers such questions as how to recognize child abuse, how children can resist it, and how to report it within the BSA organization (the three R’s). Youth Protection Training MUST be renewed every two years.

  • Position Specific Training – Each position has a course that covers the basics of your position. This is a good course to take shortly after starting in your role.

  • Supplemental Training – The BSA provides a number of courses that cover a wide range of topics such as Hazardous Weather and Swimming Safely.

Many of the BSA’s courses are available online using your account. Live training is usually scheduled on weekends. Occasionally, training will be a few hours on a weeknight. These courses are usually organized by the district or council and are listed on the district calendar.

As part of Troop 451’s commitment to having trained leaders, the troop will reimburse you for all training fees and costs for live training (there is no cost for online training) provided you complete the course. We just need you to take the time to take and complete the training.

For those who want to move beyond the basic level of training, advanced Wood Badge training occupies two weekends. Training is also offered to adults during our summer camps.